Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sweet As Honey: Blog Giveaway!

Sweet As Honey: Blog Giveaway!: "I reached 35 followers, well I actually have 37. I am really happy, I know that isn't a lot of followers but to me it’s a lot. I honestly ..."

Sweet As Honey is having a blog giveaway :D click the above link to enter it! tons of great prizes!!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011


hahaha so this MIGHT come as a surprise to you but I LOVE video games and online games :D I'm the only person in my family that likes to play (except for my dad but that was a long time ago).. so no luck in getting a wii or xbox or ps3.. nada :( So i usually jsut play online games. I haven't played Crossfire in a while.. the last time was last year!
A shooting game ! hahaha! I love shooting games (I'm not violent!! Maybe if you get me mad but.. *halo*) There are different kinds of places you can play.. and the one I like is Egypt.. probably because I'm used to it and I know where to go/hide etc :)

Huixing Wen is having a giveaway!

She's giving away a ASOS leopard Clutch.. which is totally vintage and cute :) Enter! Simple ruless and it ends on the 20th of May!

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''Summer Gal'' - First Giveaway!

Summer Gal is having her FIRST giveaway!
She has some amazing prizes for you so please enter and follow her!
I know you will love her blog :)


colorful bottle is HAVING A GIVEAWAY!

This is to celebrate her 400+ followers :)

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Adventures In Makeup: Giveaway: MAC Quite Cute!

Adventures In Makeup: Giveaway: MAC Quite Cute!: "I know a LOT of people were bummed about not winning the Viva Glam II contest (there can be only one, unfortunately)... so how about we ease..."

Soo Adventures in makeup is having a MAC giveaway :) She has some nice items up for prize and it's easy JUST FOLLOW HER :) You will enjoy her posts trust me! I hope you enjoy :) Just click the above link to enter! Good luck!

Madiha's makeup blog is havnig a giveaway!


here's a chance to win CIRCLE LENS :D Click the above link to enter! It ends on the 20th of May so hurry!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

My latest addictions!

Lately I've been browsing through many deco/food miniatures blogs! They are soo adorable! It's bringing out the girly/kiddy side of me! I have some clay and other materials so I'm going to try them out the minute I am free :D (never :( haha!) So tempted to buy more clay and supplies because I know what I have now isn't enough for the hugeeeeeee list of what i want to make :D But gotta earn money.. sigh.. everything is money money money!

Burning.x.Impossible.x.Bright is having a birthday giveaway!

In honour of her birthday she is having 3 section of books giveaways


.❤ Yuki 109 ❤.: Giveaway prize revised! DUP eyelash Giveaway!

.❤ Yuki 109 ❤.: Giveaway prize revised! DUP eyelash Giveaway!: " So no one is really joining my give away that means my prize is not very good =( So I'm going to make the prize a bit better so now I'm goi..."

ChocoMintBubblegum is having a second giveaway!

ChocoMintBubblegum is having a second giveaway!

Tons of things to win!

Things you can win

What you can win:
- Geo Magic Black CK-105 plano circle lenses with case, from Gyaru Eyes (see my review here)
- Silver makeup/pencil case
- Set of false nails
- Upper and lower eyelashes
- Makeup remover wipes from Eyeko
- Kawaii food sticker sack by Kamio Japan Inc
- Mini deco tape roll

Friday, 13 May 2011

Amethyst Daydreams: 500 Followers Giveaway!

Amethyst Daydreams: 500 Followers Giveaway!: "Hi everyone!! I've had some things sitting on my desk for a giveaway for a while and I think I need to go ahead and give them away!! Here's ..." CHECK IT OUT :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
What did you do to celebrate it? This year I wasn't able to give a really nice gift to my mother (last year my sister and I pitched in to get a Coach purse :D She was really happy!) I couldn't top it this year (High school students are not rich) so I decided to do a more personal, meaningful gift! I won't give any details but you get the gesture :)

Yellowpresswedding is having a giveaway: bella puzzles

giveaway: bella puzzles

Isn't it so adorable and yet also elegant?

The Fashion Fusion: Exclusive Shopbop giveaway and designer sale now o...

The Fashion Fusion: Exclusive Shopbop giveaway and designer sale now o...: "Shopbop are very kindly offering a whopping $100 to spend on there online store to one of my readers! They are currently having a designe..."

Massive giveaway and I do mean MASSIVE!

Beautycrazed is having a huge giveaway! Be sure to check it out and enter if interested :)



Through Beauty Eyes: THROUGH BEAUTY EYES 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY :)...: "To the dear readers of Through Beauty Eyes, I am proud to announce that my 1 year anniversary giveaway is FINALLY happening!!! =) Just a l..."

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Contest entry at Tom Felton EU!


There's a contest going on where you capture this pic and win a TomFelton Japan relief T-Shirt ♥

The t-shirt is soo nice and because I have no money to purchase it.. this is a wonderful way! Plus if I were to win it, I would wear it a bunch of times to help pass the messages to others about the Japan relief foundation!

This is my entry!

And if you don't get the reference I put.. watch this short but hilarious video!

Family Fashion and Facts: Kaori Glass Giveaway!

Family Fashion and Facts: Kaori Glass Giveaway!: "About Kaori: This GORGEOUS lady is Kaori :) I am a self-taught artisan. I was born and raised in Japan, lived in the States, moved to Ja..."