Saturday, 9 April 2011

Liquid Sunshine Blog Party

Hey you guys! I'm joining the Liquid Sunshine Blog Party hosted by Horse Feathers!
There are TONSSS of giveaway prizes :D
Click HERE to enter!

A few questions I answered

  • Favorite season, and why?
    • My favourite season is summer! I mean who doesn't love summer vacation? Sunny days, being able to wear my favourite outfits! 
  • What's one weird thing you can do? (The stranger the better!)
    • I can flip my tongue! It's really flexible and can do many tricks (such as tying a cherry stem into a knot)
  • You've just won an unlimited lifetime supply of... what?
    • Food ! I can just imagine it *drools
  • You're now a gazillionaire... where do you go to spend your money?
    • I would invest half of it. 1/4 I'd give to my parents and sister. 1/4 I'd donate to charity. The half that I invested, I'd keep maybe a few thousands on hand for a little shopping spree ;)
  • Classical music: love it or hate it?
    • I love it. I've been playing piano for years and I'm accustomed to listening to classical music BUT still listening to a bunch of other genres!

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