Friday, 29 April 2011

William & Kate's Wedding!

As much as I wanted to wake up early for this long anticipated event.. I was too tired LOL. So I watched clips with my mother! I simply adore the wedding dress of Kate Middleton. Like a video said.. It was very classy and not overdone. If I'm correct, Vera Wang made this? If so, bravo! She definitely did her research and knew what would make the perfect wedding dress! The two look adorable and certainly are smitten with each other. I heard from my dad that Kate already planned before that she wanted to marry William. O_O He said she purposely didn't date any guys and went to his school. If this is correct, all I can say is she's damn lucky she got what she wanted. Because I don't know much about her.. I just hope she truly loves him! Magazines of the two will be released by Hello! and other publishers.. so I am going to read them so I know more about the couple :) Congratulations to them although I was a bit disappointed. Everyone was anticipating it so much and making such a big deal, I really thought it was going to be like mind-popping WOW etc. Looking at Diana and Charles' wedding video (shown along with Kate and William's) was nostalgic for my mother.

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